Hudson’s Hi-Vis Handout

Calling all charities!

We’re launching our exciting Hudson Community initiative by giving away free hi-vis vests to worthwhile causes, complete with printing.

A recent project left us with a stock of quality hi-vis vests, and we think giving them away is an innovative way to support worthwhile charities.

The vests are new but have a logo on them. However, we will overprint this with your charity logo or anything else your organisation needs.

So many excellent local and national charities need help right now. We’re a small company, so we cannot send cash to support them all. But we can certainly save them money by offering these free hi-vis vests.

The printed vests are ideal for making staff and volunteers stand out at events and on-site and off-site visits. They look great and also help to keep everyone safe.

Inspiration for this project came after we donated some hi-vis vests to the Suffolk Rape Crisis charity before Christmas. We saw how something so simple can make a big difference, and the idea for Hudson’s Hi-Vis Handout was born!

Calling all charities!

Get your free charity hi-vis vests

Applying to receive some of our vests couldn’t be easier. Simply email

Please include the following in the email:

  • Your charity name and what it supports
  • How many hi-vis vests you require
  • What sizes
  • What you’ll use the vests for
  • Your contact details

One of our team will get back to you within a few days to find out more about your request. If you’re successful, we’ll ask you what you need printed and make the arrangements. We’ll even ship them to you for free.

We plan to keep our offer open while stocks last.

Hudson Group Sales Operations Director Jo Day said: “We hope Hudson’s Hi-Vis Handout will help many local charities and organisations further afield.

“If your charity can make great use of some hi-vis vests, then be sure to contact us quickly.”

Hudson’s Hi-Vis Handout is the first initiative of our new Hudson Community project. We’re planning lots of initiatives throughout 2024 to support and thank our local and broader community.

Keep an eye on the Hudson Community page to see what’s new.

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